What are Biomes?

Biomes is a NFT generative art experiment based on Conway’s Game Of Life.

Biomes mixes science and art to create beautiful living pixelated ecosystems.

200 Biomes were created and they are now sold out.


The first generation of Biomes was created using the OpenSea Shared Contract. At the time, we decided to focus on the art and not about the contract.

We are now bringing Biomes to the next level.

The first step of Biomes Evolution is to migrate existing Biomes to our own smart contract. The migration will burn tokens from the Opensea Shared Contract (from the original collection) and create new ones on the Biomes Smart Contract.


Biomes - Evolution

Biomes are living ecosystem that were meant to evolve over time. The 200 original Biomes will be a starting point for Biomes Evolution.
Owning a Biome from the original collection will allow you to be part of what’s next. We will also allow new people to join.

More details soon... Join us on Discord to stay tuned.



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